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NHS and healthcare services are working very hard to provide the best start for families, protect their mental health, and they rightly focus resources for mums-to-be through the life giving and changing maternity process. More and more however, we all are recognising the powerful influence the dads-to-be have during this time, and positive effect dads have on their children when they spend quality time supporting the mums, and nurturing their babies from the start. NHS Staff and Commissioners recognise that dads need more support to understand their powerfully important role and engaging them with a DadPad will help Health Services reach out at the ‘golden opportunity moment’, when men are most motivated and receptive to support. Don’t miss the chance to work with men as you ignore them at your peril! Get in touch for underpinning evidence, social impact studies including monetary ROI, which will demonstrate that now is the time to change the culture and address the existing maternity gender inequality practices, to truly give our children the best start in life.

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