News: DadPad at Wales Expectant Parent Event

Posted on 8th December 2017

Last weekend, Julian was heading off to Mothercare’s Culverhouse Cross store, in Cardiff, to attend his first Expectant Parent Event (EPE) in Wales.  Unlike a lot of the other evening EPEs that we’ve previously taken the DadPad to, this one was on a Sunday morning, running from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm, and was well-attended, given the time of the year.

Once again, Julian was made extremely welcome by the team there, led by Store Manager Lauren.  He got the chance to give a presentation on the DadPad and demonstrated some of the useful hints and tips contained in it.  In particular, he showed how to safely bath a baby, using his daughter’s doll, Ethel, and a toy bath, all ‘borrowed’ from home! Importantly, Julian was immediately told that this was one expectant dad’s biggest concern, so hopefully the demo helped to alleviate some of those fears.

Holding any tiny baby – and especially one that has become slippery in a bath – is often a worry for new dads (and mums) so having a plan on how to do this safely and with confidence is a good idea.  The DadPad provides step-by-step information on bathing, holding and washing babies, as well as how to change nappies.

One of the main reasons that Julian loves attending these Expectant Parent Events is the opportunity that it gives him to speak to the expectant dads, mums, partners and families about their hopes and their concerns, and showing them how the DadPad can help.  Receiving lots of positive feedback from those that he meets also helps to continue to confirm our faith in this product.

We’ve no more EPEs lined up now for 2017 – but look forward to getting out there again in the New Year!  We’ll let you know when and where we’re booked in, so you know where to find us.