News: DadPad in the news…

Posted on 6th December 2017

It’s been a really exciting few weeks at DadPad® HQ, with Julian very much in (and on) the news.  First, he appeared on BBC Radio Five Live’s Afternoon Edition phone-in on Tuesday 14th November, speaking with presenters Sarah and Nihal about the impact of birth on men.  Their guest was Ben Orrah, a dad who suffered from PTSD after the premature birth of his twins, and the discssusion question focused on “Why don’t dads talk about how hard parenting is?”.  The link to listen again to the programme will only be up until Wednesday 13th December 2017 but, if you’re still in time and you get the chance, click here to find it.

Julian pops up just before 2:53, but you might also be interested in listening to other elements of the debate and discussion earlier in the programme.  If you want to find out more about Ben and his story, have a read of these articles from the Telegraph and the Yorkshire Post.

And then, out of the blue, he got asked to speak in a piece on ITV West Country News yesterday!  The focus here was on postnatal depression in men.  The reporters looked first at Darren Horne, a dad from Cumbria, who told how he had fallen into a “whirlpool of despair” after his daughter’s birth in 2016.

Unfortunately, there’s no online link for you to be able to see Julian speak so, if you missed it, you’ve missed out! However, the reporters asked him some great questions, giving him fantastic opportunities to talk about issues around perinatal and postnatal mental health for both mums and dads, as well as the benefits of connecting to other dads and dad support groups.

We’re so pleased that Julian is getting the opportunity to raise awareness of these important issues (as well as the DadPad itself!) in local and national media, and we hope that he will continue to get the chance to do this, so that barriers preventing dads – and families – getting the help and support that they need can be further broken down.