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About DadPad: What is the Quick Read DadPad?

Posted on 15th February 2024

What is the Quick Read DadPad?

The Quick Read DadPad is a 34-page illustrated ‘back-to-basics’ baby guide for dads and dads-to-be.  The stiff, wipeable pages help make the resource sturdy and able to withstand the knocks and accidents of new family life.

With less text and more images than the original ‘essential guide’ DadPad, the Quick Read DadPad is intended to be a more accessible alternative for those dads who – for whatever reason – will find the text-heavy format of the challenging.

That said, the simple-to-follow format also means it’s a great ‘quick start’ guide to the basics of baby care for any new dad.

What topics does it cover?

Because there are more images, meaning that each topic needs more pages than in the original DadPad, the Quick Read DadPad includes slightly less topics and is therefore more of a ‘baby basics’ guide.  The topics focused on are:

  • Holding – learn how to hold your baby in a safe and secure way
  • Crying – find out how to cope with and care for a crying baby
  • Sleeping – discover how to keep your baby safe whilst they sleep, and how to cope without sleep
  • Changing – follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to change a nappy
  • Cleaning – learn how to wash your baby
  • Bonding – find out some of the ways in which you can create a secure bond with your baby
  • Slings – follow the TICKS guidance for safe use of a sling to carry your baby

What makes the Quick Read DadPad special?

First of all, like all resources produced under the DadPad banner and unlike most other ‘parent’-focused resources, it’s been written and designed exclusively and specifically for dads.

After all as a new dad, it’s common to feel excited, but also left out, unsure or overwhelmed.  The team at DadPad recognise the importance – to the whole family – of providing dad with bespoke information on the practical skills and essentials that he will need to become more confident in his new role. This will help him to not only feel included and involved as a parent, but also to become an active and engaged co-parent, alongside baby’s mum.

We also recognise that not all dads will feel comfortable reading our original ‘essential guide’ DadPad.  We therefore worked with an ‘Easy Read’ consultant to help us pare back the existing content into a format that would be more accessible.

We also engaged an illustrator to work with us to produce a set of clear illustrations to supplement the text, which help dads understand some of the key ‘how-tos’ of baby care.

The result is a book which is perfect for dad to use on his own, alongside a professional, or maybe even as part of a parenting course?  The Quick Read DadPad was especially intended to enable a healthcare professional to sit alongside dad, discussing the content and learning the key skills of early parenthood, whilst also building together a relationship of trust and engagement.

How do I get hold of a copy of the Quick Read DadPad?

If you’re an individual, looking for a Quick Read DadPad for yourself, or someone you know, you can order them direct from our Amazon store.

If you’re part of a team looking to have access to the Quick Read DadPad for the families that you’re working with, please get in touch with the team at DadPad, who will be happy to work with you on this.

If you’re within an existing ‘DadPad app’ area, we’ll check to see if the commissioning team purchased a bundle of Quick Read DadPads as part of their contract with us, and we can then liaise with them to find out if they have any copies able to be shared with your team.  If not, we will happily work with you to quote the best price we can to provide you with your own bundle of Quick Read DadPads.

And, for any more information on the Quick Read DadPad, or any other DadPad products, please contact the team via:

  • emailing: hello@thedadpad.co.uk;
  • using our contact us page; or
  • phoning 07403 274757.