The essential guide for all dads wanting to give their babies the very best start in life.

A perfect gift for a new dad or dad-to-be!

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The essential guide for new dads wanting to gain the confidence and skills necessary to be the best dad they can be.

Key features include:

  • Trustworthy content: developed with input from NHS professionals and other experts
  • Gain in confidence: reduce anxiety by learning how to care for your baby
  • Support your partner: find out how to be an active and engaged co-parent, and know how best to support your partner through the tricky first few months
  • Bond with your baby: discover the ways in which you can build a secure attachment with your baby
  • Look out for yourself: learn more about your own mental health
  • Great value for money: a low-cost, high-value resource
  • …and the pages are wipeable, too – just in case!

Topics covered include:

  • The ‘baby basics’: learn more about feeding, holding, washing and bathing your baby, changing their nappies, coping with crying and keeping them safe whilst they sleep
  • Bonding and attachment: find out how you can build a secure attachment with your baby by interacting with them and getting ‘hands on’ with their care
  • Supporting each other: helping you and your partner to get through the first few months of new parenthood, and look out for each other’s mental health
  • Keeping baby safe: discover essential first aid information
  • and much more! – including child development, legal basics and sources of parenting advice and support

For more information, please click to read our more detailed blog post on the DadPad.


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