DadPad for new dads

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DadPad for businesses

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Who is the DadPad for?

The DadPad is for fathers who want to provide their child with the very best start in life.  Whether you are about to become a dad for the first time, or want to ensure that you can still cover all bases with a new addition to your family, the DadPad is the low-cost, high-value resource that you will want to have within arm’s reach at all times.

The DadPad is best utilised as early as possible during pregnancy, around birth and beyond, and provides guidance for babies and children up to the age of two. It’s particularly useful to have during paternity leave.

Developed in conjunction with the NHS, the DadPad will:

  • Help you develop the necessary mindset and practical skills, even if you have no experience
  • Save you time by enabling you to quickly get to grips with your new responsibilities
  • Reduce your anxiety and help you gain confidence, so that you can offer the help needed
  • Give you the tools to provide the best support for your baby and your baby’s mum


Your DadPad will contain pages on the following topics:

Health Visitor Team


  • Breastfeeding
  • Dad’s role in breastfeeding
  • Bottle-feeding


  • Holding and handling your baby
  • How babies like to be held


  • Caring for a crying baby
  • When the crying will not stop


  • Safe sleeping
  • Surviving without sleep


  • How to change a nappy


  • Washing your baby
  • Bathing


Getting to know your baby:

  • Bonding
  • Communicating
  • Play and learning
  • Baby massage
  • Swimming

First Aid:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Seizures
  • Meningitis
  • Burns
  • CPR

Child Development and Milestones

Supporting each other:

  • Relationships and sex
  • Getting through the first months
  • Supporting your baby’s mum
  • Looking after yourself

Legal information:

  • The basics
  • Access and contact

Parenting advice and support

Further information

About the author

Julian Bose, Director of Inspire Cornwall CIC, developed and co-wrote the DadPad in conjunction with a range of experts, including regional NHS and public health teams.

If you have any questions, you can contact Julian by emailing or calling 07403 274757.


  • I was a bit scared when we found out we were having a baby, obviously happy, but a bit scared and in the beginning I was a bit clueless. The child development part is my favourite bit, but there’s things in there, like things about mental health, that I didn’t know about and that I didn’t know you needed to know about.

    Ross, 22
  • The DadPad gives support to new fathers who can often feel left out and unable to help when they’re needed most, and this can put a strain on both parents.

    Giles Berrisford, one of NHS England’s two Associate National Clinical Directors for Perinatal Mental Health
  • Young dads find it difficult to ask for help, particularly where their partners can become expert in the practicalities quite quickly and they don’t. [The DadPad] is about Dads being prepared for some of that tension and strain of being a new parent, but without being overwhelmed and knowing that it’s not just mums who can access the help and advice that’s available, even if they don’t live with their partner.

    Ruth Wellings, Programme Manager for Women and Children at NHS Kernow CCG