Who is the DadPad for?

The DadPad is for fathers who want to provide the very best start for their child. Whether you are about to be a first-time dad or want to ensure you can still cover all bases for your next child, the DadPad is the resource you want within arms reach throughout.

The DadPad is best utilised as early as possible during pregnancy, around birth and beyond (in particular during paternity leave, if you take it), and provides guidance to the age of 2. Fathers who make use of the DadPad need to be engaged with the content, and distraction free, to learn and put the skills into practice to have the biggest positive impact.

  • Gain the essential mindset and practical skills necessary, even if you have no experience
  • Developed in conjunction with the NHS
  • Low cost, high value resource –  you will use it lots!!!
  • Save time by quickly getting to grips with your new responsibility of being a father
  • Reduce anxiety, become confident to offer the help needed
  • Provide the best support you can for the child and mother


Your DadPad will contain pages on the following topics:

Health Visitor Team Feeding: Breastfeeding

Feeding: Dad’s role in breastfeeding

Feeding: Bottle-feeding

Holding: Holding and handling your baby

Holding: How babies like to be held

Crying: Caring for a crying baby

Crying: When the crying will not stop

Sleeping: Safe sleeping

Sleeping: Surviving without sleep

Changing: How to change a nappy

Cleaning: Washing your baby

Cleaning: Bathing

Getting to know your baby: Bonding

Getting to know your baby: Communicating

Getting to know your baby: Play and learning

Getting to know your baby: Baby massage

Child Development

Supporting each other: Relationships and sex

Supporting each other: Getting through the first months

Supporting each other: Supporting your baby’s mum

Supporting each other: Looking after yourself

Legal information: The basics

Legal information: Access and contact

Parenting advice and support

Further information

About the author

Julian Bose is the developer involved in co-writing the DadPad with the NHS in Cornwall and Cornwall Council’s Public Health team.

If you have any questions, you can contact Julian by emailing julian@thedadpad.co.uk or calling 07403 274757.


Product description

A practical guide to gaining the confidence and skills necessary to be the very best dad you can be.

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